Al Gore and the Rabbinout


Photo: Snow in New Zealand, January 2017
Public Domain

Most people know that when it is winter in Europe it is summer in South Africa and Australia. Logic then tells us that if 2016 was: “the warmest year ever” then it should NOT have snowed in New Zealand this January… the middle of their summer.....

But it didn’t just snow in New Zealand !!!

Snow has covered the crops growing in Spain, Turkey, Italy and even Morocco…southern locations depended upon to provide Europe with fruits and vegetables.

Hey, wait just a minute: Didn’t Nobel Prize winner Al Gore say that man made global warming would melt the ice caps by 2013?

Because, a Russian ice breaker is, at this very moment, frozen solid in Arctic Seas and it is predicted that this “ice breaker” will not be able to free itself until June.

So, perhaps men are not “making” the weather as Al Gore suggested they were.

Yet, how is that possible? We can see the weather. We can measure the weather. We can see carbon emissions and we can measures carbon emissions.

How did all these scientists get it wrong?


Now let’s talk about God.

No one can see God. No one can measure the dimensions of God. No one can see the works of God. No one can measure the works of God

So then: How does a rabbi like Shlomo Risken declare that: “all rabbis are God’s partner’s and God’s co creators”?


Al Gore declared that the ice caps would melt in 2013, but they didn’t.

The rabbis told their congregations in Europe that there was nothing to fear from the Nazis, yet there was.


BUT !!!


All that was in the past….it’s 2017 now….


Has Al Gore stopped his predictions and warnings about climate change and the dangers of carbon emissions?

No, he has not…..

Have the rabbis stopped telling their communities that they are in no real danger from anti Semitism?

No, they have not….


The rabbis teach that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not really Jews.


Because “modern Jews” study the Talmud and the Mishnah and the Kaballah

Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did not study these works; hence “their” Judaism was not real Judaism like “our” modern Judaism. In fact, it wasn’t really Judaism at all. It should be considered a type of: “Noahidism” (i.e. a religion based on the laws God gave to Noah).


So let’s see:

God spoke to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob on a regular basis.

God does NOT speak to the rabbis at all.

The difference between the rabbis and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is that the rabbis study the Talmud, the Mishnah and the Kaballah….

Hmmmmmm……that is indeed interesting….

So today, the Europeans who listen to Al Gore are facing a vegetable shortage and the European Jews who listened to their rabbis are dead…..

Hmmmmmm…..that too is interesting…


Soon, Passover will be upon us….

Ever noticed that your Hagaddah doesn’t contain any stories or quotes about Moses; ONLY stories and quotes about the rabbis?

Didn’t God command us to teach our children about what happened during the Exodus?

Therefore, when we recite the stories in the Haggadah, we are not obeying God. We are ONLY obeying the rabbis…..

Just like the Jews in Europe obeyed the rabbis….

Gee, and today American Jews obey their rabbis….American Jews recite the Hagaddah during Passover


But, don’t worry !!!

There are no Nazis in America today…..Anti Semitism isn’t a problem in America today….

Just ask Al Gore……..he’ll tell you…..Or better yet, ask Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.....