Don't let the teachers of the oral law destroy your family, again!

Recently in the news everyone has been horrified to read about the killings in Paris. Nevertheless, Islamic terrorism is not the real danger facing the 7 million members of the Jewish community currently not living in Israel. The real danger facing the majority of the Jews living in the Western hemisphere is: “A Second Holocaust”, except, this time, the danger is a real holocaust (i.e. “death from fire”). During the second world war, most of the people were killed either by machine guns, gas or forced slave labor. While it is true hundreds of thousands of bodies were cremated, most were not.

Also, it should be noted that although holocaust denial is illegal in Europe, the two biggest holocaust deniers are the State of Israel and the teachers of the oral law. According to Maxwell Dimont, author of the best selling book: “Jews, God and History”, the number of people killed during the holocaust was 13 million (i.e. 7.5 million gentiles and 5.5 million Jews). Nevertheless, in Israel it is taught that only 6 million people were killed in the holocaust. Ask any Israeli student and he will emphatically tell you that only 6 million people were killed during the holocaust and will absolutely deny, as untrue, the fact that 13 million people were killed (American Jews will usually do the same...).

Perhaps you don't really believe it. Well, go to your local bookstore (or go to Amazon) and ask for the book: “Poland” by James Mitchner (Yes, the guy who wrote the book about Israel: “The Source”). Mitchner talks about the concentration camps in Poland, but he does not discuss Jews. All the inmates in the Nazi concentration camps in occupied Poland he describes were gentiles (mostly Roman Catholics).

Or, perhaps you have heard about a place called Yabi Bar in the Ukraine where over thirty thousand Jews were machined gun to death. Yes, that's true, but what you probably haven't heard is that the machine gunning went on for months and months and that over 100,000 Ukrainian gentiles were murdered as well. 

Yes, okay, but I suppose by now you are asking: What does all this have to do with my family and the teachers of the oral law?

Well, for me there are three major disasters in Jewish history which are directly associated with the teachers of the oral law.


  1. First there is the dispute with Moses over the ten dis honest spies which led to an entire generation of Israelites being forced to wander in the desert until they died.

    The rabbis claim that the oral law was given to the 70 leaders of the community at the exact same time Moses received the ten commandments written in stone. Okay, fine.....but since the Toarh clearly states that it was Moses, Joshua and Caleb against “everyone” else (i.e. including the 70 original teachers of the oral law). So, an entire generation of Israelites lost their lives because they refused to enter the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and instead listened to the teachers of the oral law.


  2. The second disaster was the destruction of the second temple. Although there are many theories about just what exactly happened, most authorities agree that the reason the temple was destroyed, and most of the inhabitants of Jerusalem died, is that the “zealots” refused to surrender the city. What is not usually explained clearly, however, is that the zealots were Galilean and Edomite converts (yes, as in: “Jesus of Galilee” and “King Herod the Edomite”).


    What is interesting about all this is that there is no such thing as conversion to Judaism in the Torah. It is something the teachers of the oral law invented. After all, if it was possible to convert people to Judaism then Abraham would have converted his other 7 sons instead of expelling them from his camp.


    Perhaps you have heard that Ruth was the first convert. Well, that's wrong...The teachers of the oral law will be happy to explain to you that the first conversion was performed by Moses at Mount Sinai. This “sounds” plausible except for several little problems. If a person “converts” his religion then he gives up his former identity and his former god and takes on a new identity and a new god. So, for example, if a Egyptian Copt who worships Jesus decides to convert to Islam, then he stops being a Copt and he becomes a Muslim. He stops worshiping Jesus and begins to worship Allah.


    Before the so called “mass conversion” described in Exodus 24, the Hebrews were called: The Children of Israel” (i.e. “Bene Israel”) and they worshiped the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. After the events described in Exodus 24 they were STILL described as: The Children of Israel and the STILL worshiped the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; so: Where is the conversion?


    In addition to this, the peoples described as: “the strangers” also participated in this so called “mass conversion”, yet, even after this “conversion”, they were still called: “the strangers”. Why weren't these converts called: “Bene Israel” ?


    Finally, orthodox rabbis in Israel sometimes don't even accept conversions performed by orthodox rabbis in New York. Are we really expected to believe that two women, in the middle of the wilderness, performed a conversion according to the rules and regulations of the oral law? Today, Orthodox rabbis won't even allow women to pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, yet we are expected to believe that Naomi performed a conversion in the Land of Moab. Please teachers of the oral law, at least try and be serious......


    So, about 160 B.C.E., the teachers of the oral law performed a second round of “mass conversions” forcibly converting large sections of both the Galilean and Edomite populations, which eventually resulted in the creation of the zealot faction and led directly to the destruction of the 2nd temple.


    The third disaster was the destruction of the Jewish community of Europe. Despite the warnings and pleading of people like Herzl, Jabotinsky, Ben Gurion and many others, the teachers of the oral law denounced the Zionists and urged the Jews of Europe, especially the orthodox communities of Poland, to remain where they were. “Don't go to the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Stay where you are and wait for the messiah....”


    Today, everyone is worried about “a future bomb” to be built by Iran that will be used against Israel. First of all, as of right now, there is no bomb. Second, as Iran itself has repeatedly pointed out, to bomb Israel would be a little ridiculous since that would mean also killing 4 million Palestinians and destroying BOTH the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque.

    Now lets consider the Jewish communities living in the United States, shall we? They don't have little, untested, “future” bombs, theoretically, pointed in their general direction. What American Jewish communities have are very real, very large, 50 mega ton hydrogen bombs locked on to their homes with a very sophisticated, thoroughly tested computer guidance systems.

    What the American Jewish community does not have is something either the Russians or the Chinese consider to be sacred, unless you think Disney Land is sacred....

    To conclude: Of the 650,000 plus Beni Israel males over the age of 20 who left Egypt with Moses, only 2 entered the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The rest died together with the teachers of the oral law in the Sinai desert.

    There are no accurate numbers of how many Israelites were killed as a result of the Galilean and Edomite converts, but one can assume it would have been a lot less if there hadn't been any illegal Galilean and Edomite conversions in the first place.

    How many Jews died in Europe because their teachers of the oral law told them to remain where they were? 3 million? 4 million? Compare this to the number of Jews  who were killed in Palestine under the British mandate.

    So ask yourself: If Putin launches a first strike against the USA, how many Jews will die because their rabbis say there is no need to live in Israel?

    The teachers of the oral law have a very, very bad track record. Do you really want to put the lives of your family at risk based on the beliefs of people who dress like penguins?This article began by discussing the attacks in France. Approximately 130 years ago the Zionist Movement began because of anti semitism in France. How long will it take for the message to sink in ?