Gold Trader's Niche: Weekly Summary #2 Week Ending June 8th



Illustration: Typical Forex "Candlestick" chart
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So, right off the bat, I have decided to publish these summaries on Friday morning and NOT include Friday's trading.

The reason for this is simply the way articles appear in the Jerusalem Post and the general reading habits of the public.

This week has been good for gold and, over all, the market was up although it did retrace on Thursday (as predicted in my Wednesday video)


June 5th was a good day with 7 trades, all profitable, and a total pip count of 625

June 6th was my birthday, so I did not trade much, but the two trades I did make went bad because I misjudged the market slightly in both directions….either way it was my fault because I did not place a stop loss on my trade and went to see Wonder Woman.

The result: two bad trades with a total loss of 450 pips


June 7th was another good day with 11 trades, all successful, and a total gain of 1329 pips.


Finally, June 8th was a mixed day because of the elections and the Comey testimony in Washington influencing the markets

Regardless, the over all results were positive

15 trades, 13 sucessful, for a gain of 1320 pips

2 bad trades for a loss of 780 pips

Total for the day: 540 pips


Total pips gained for 4 days of trading was:



This is a typical video from the week made on June 7th:

Here I made a prediction that the market would drop and on June 8th  the market did indeed drop…..


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