Interest Rates and Aliya

Photo: Citizens of Oroville Fleeing City at the Last Minute....
Public Domain

About two years ago I wrote to all my old friends from summer camp that when interest rates start to climb, the payments on the national debt will become intolerable and the USA will enter into very difficult times (Some say worse than 2008).

More than this, it is my sincere opinion that everyone will blame the Jews….

Goldman Sachs

Janet Yellen

and now…..

Jared Kushner


Trump supporters are NOT going to blame Trump….they are going to say that Jared Kushner poisoned Trump’s mind by whispering Jewish propaganda into his ear….

If history teaches us one thing it is that Gentiles don’t like Jews intermarrying with powerful Gentile families

This was one of the main causes of the Spanish Inquisition…..Jews infiltrating the government and best families in Spain through: “fake conversions”….


Regardless, when interest rates go up, people, corporations and local governments, all of whom have been just getting by for the last 8 years or so with interests rates at practically zero, will now begin to default on their loans, mortgages and even bond payments (Look at Puerto Rico).



You all know it is a good idea to diversify your financial assets….

Now is the time to diversify your political assets….


Think of it as an insurance policy….

Maybe you will never need to actually move to Israel

BUT !!!

If you do need to move: all your documents, interviews, medical examinations, etc etc etc… will be: "filled out", "submitted" and "filed", so you’ll be ready to move quickly if necessary….


We all saw what happened this week at the Oroville Dam….

The water was 2 feet above the emergency over flow wall for hours, yet, when the call went out to evacuate the city, there were still thousands of people with halve empty gas tanks and no bag packed…..


Remember the scout’s motto: “Be Prepared”

Contact: "Nephesh B’ Nephesh"……. TODAY ! ! !

(Okay, maybe not today, but the first thing next week…….)


But hey, why should you listen to me?
This is Gerald Celente, who in my opinion should be called:
"The Italian Jackie Mason"
Not because he is funny, but because sometimes he becomes a little hysterical and starts screaming and foaming at the mouth...
Nevertheless, he outlines country by country today's financial situation:
Worth watching.....