Rebuttal to Attack on Reform Judaism by Eliezer Siminovsky


Photo:  A “perfectly kosher” violation of the second commandment by the Orthodox community

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Of course, Eliezer Siminovsky is only a student at Bar Ilan, so his opinions shouldn’t be taken too seriously; nevertheless, it is interesting to note just how brainwashed the orthodox community really is and how even “moderate” orthodox opinion is firmly rooted in lies and rabbinical propaganda.

 You can find Eliezer’s “opinions” here:

Just to start: Eliezer asserts that the teachings/programs  of Reform Judaism constitute: “the crime of the century”. I hope Eliezer is referring to the 21st century and not the last 100 years (i.e. the Holocaust), but, even then, the Reform Movement is worse than ISIS? The Reform Movement has committed greater crimes than those abuses taking place in the Central African Republic? The leaders of the Reform Movement are worse than human traffickers and those engaged in sex slavery in the United States and Europe?  Really Eliezer? Do you really think so?

Then Eliezer goes on to explain that Reform Judaism has robbed Jewish souls of: "a proper” Jewish education. But the Satmar community, which teaches Zionism is evil and whose rabbis attend holocaust denial conferences in Iran, they are okay, right Eliezer?

And, the Shas movement, whose rabbis claim that anyone with: "a knitted kippa” is an Amalikite, that’s okay, right Eliezer?

And the Haredi Movement, who does whatever it can to refuse serving in the Israeli army; who routinely curses Israeli soldiers and calls them: “bacteria” or: “germs” (depending on your translation of the Hebrew word: “har dak”), that’s also okay, right Eliezer?

In addition to this, the fact that: "the Haredi” and the Protestant sect known as: “the Quakers” share the exact same name (The Hebrew word: “Haredi” means “the quakers”) and dress almost identically, that’s proves they are “real” Jews, right Eliezer? (Unless, of course, the guy on the Oatmeal box is Jewish)

Tell us Eliezer: Did Moses dress like a penguin? Did Moses wear a kippa? And: Why aren’t you dressed like a penguin, Eliezer? Aren’t you: “a real” Jew?

Finally, and ALL of these issues are  still only from the first paragraph,  Eliezer claims that the Reform Movement is carrying out “fake” conversions and “lying” to people by telling them they are Jewish.


Tell us Eliezer: where is it written in the Torah that “anyone” is permitted to convert others to Judaism? I know the rabbis "say" it is okay, but where is it written in the Five Books of Moses?

Give us the name of one single person in the written Torah who converted to Judaism?

In fact Eliezer, there isn’t a single convert in the entire Old Testament, is there? Yes, I have heard the stories that Rabbi Akiva’s father was a convert, but that is not written in the Old Testament, is it Eliezer?

Because, even the Rashi admits that what went on between Ruth and Naomi in the middle of the wilderness on the way to Bethlehem was NOT a conversion. After all Eliezer, if a woman even attempts to conduct an ordinary, every day, prayer service at the Western Wall, it can spark off a riot; yet we are expected to believe that Naomi, all by herself, conducted a conversion according to the “Hal lak kah”? (i.e. in full compliance with Jewish law).

And, by the way Eliezer, if Naomi was such a good Jew and fully qualified to carry out conversions all by herself: Why did she allow BOTH her sons to marry unconverted Moabites? Wasn’t Naomi familiar with the Book of Ezra?

The fact is Eliezer:  ALL CONVERSIONS to Judaism are FAKE and ALL RABBIS LIE, especially Orthodox rabbis, when they tell gentiles that they are Jews.

There is not a single convert in the entire Five Books of Moses. There is no procedure given for conversions in the Five Books of Moses. Moses himself married two gentiles, yet there is not a single word about him converting them. In fact, both Miriam and Aaron complained that Moses had married a woman from Cush, correct? Why would they complain if she had been converted according to Jewish law?

And please Eliezer, don’t tell us about the Rambam saying that Solomon’s wives converted as well as the wives of Samson. The Rambam is a liar. How would a rabbi living 2,000 years after Solomon and Samson, know for sure that the “rabbinical courts” would have insisted on these conversions?

Does the Rambam quote one single source who witnessed these conversions? Does the Rambam explain what procedures were used to carry out these conversions? Does the Old Testament say anything at all about these women being converted?

For example: We know the name of the High Priest when David was king; we also know the name of the leading prophet of those times. What was the name of David’s rabbi? What was the name of the rabbi who converted Solomon’s thousand wives?  

Finally: If Solomon’s wives converted to Judaism, then why did they lead him into the worship of foreign Gods? And, just to add icing to the cake, tell us Eliezer:

Did Jezebel, the worshiper of Baal and the mother of two kings of Israel, also convert to Judaism? Because, if she did not, then: Doesn’t that mean that two kings of Israel were not Jewish?


But enough about the fake Orthodox conversions, let’s move on to the educational programs of the Reform Movement, shall we?

About two years ago there was a television interview with an Orthodox boy in Brooklyn who had heard “a rumor” about dinosaur bones in Manhattan. So, after weeks of indecision, he finally got up the nerve to get on a subway and went to the Museum of Natural History to see these bones for himself. After seeing the bones with his own eyes, he then realized that his rabbis had been lying to him…..for his entire life…..

This boy then went on to explain how the Orthodox Jews in his community were living in darkness, but the interviewer then suggested that maybe some of the Jews in his community would see this interview and begin to realize that indeed there were such things as dinosaurs. The boy replied that there was absolutely no chance of that because the rabbis forbade members of his community to watch “un-approved” television programs.

So Eliezer: We have the Reform Movement in the United States encouraging their youth to get a well rounded education and we have the Orthodox community in Brooklyn raising an entire generation of ignorant bigots. And you support the bigots, right Eliezer?

Moving on to a new topic: Tell us Eliezer: Have you ever heard of something called the 2nd commandment?

Do you think that it is “kosher” for the “Orthodox” Chabad movement to paste up giant posters throughout Israel of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson  as: “our king”; “our messiah”, “forever and ever”.

Tell us Eliezer: What did Schneerson ever do in his lifetime to be considered a messiah, besides study the Rashi for 20 years?

Please also note that Rabbi Schneerson did not study the written Torah for twenty years, he studied the writings of another rabbi…..Why? Weren’t the words of Moses good enough? Maybe that is why all Orthodox Haggadahs only mention  Moses once, almost as an after thought…because Moses, "the greatest of the prophets" according to God, is no longer relevant, right Eliezer?

Because you said “thousands of Jewish kids would never know the beauty of Torah”…..yet, Schneerson did not study the Torah, he studied the Talmud, right Eliezer?

But allow me to rephrase the question:

Is distorting the truth something you learned to do at Bar Ilan, Eliezer?

For example: When you refer to the “beautiful” passages in the Talmud, one can only hope you are not speaking about Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai and his endorsements of sex with young boys and three year old girls….

Furthermore: Why didn’t any of the great rabbis like the Rashi or the Rambam denounce or distance themselves from these perverted teachings? In your article you just denounced and distanced yourself from the Reform Movement for encouraging their youths to take courses in philosophy and sociology. But neither you, nor any of the “renown” rabbis have ever distance themselves from the teachings of Simeon ben Yohai, correct?

More fun to read about those three year old girls then it is to read Adam Smith, right Eliezer? You don’t want to distance yourself too far away from that, do you?

In conclusion: Since you are such an authority on Judaism, I would like to inform you that the 100,000 dollar Torah challenge is STILL up and running:

Every Orthodox Jew  “knows” Judaism passes thru the mother, right Eliezer?

Why don’t you show us all just how smart you really are and write an article in the Jerusalem Post proving it? Begin by explaining how Sarah is really the mother of Rebecca and Rebecca is really the mother of Leah and Rachel…..and, of course, you must then explain how Leah is the mother of Judah’s Canaanite wife and Rachel is the mother of Joseph’s Egyptian wife….

Or better yet, ask one of professors at Bar Ilan to submit an article….

Can’t wait to read it……