The Gold Trader's Niche: Summary #1: Week Ending June 2nd


Illustration: Typical Candlestick Chart used in trading gold in the FOREX market

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Well, first off, since this program only began on June 1st, we are not talking about a full week of data (only 2 days). Nevertheless the results were quite positive:


Actually the results were:

Very Good


And then Very Good


On Thursday, using the method I will be teaching in my videos, I made 10 trades. 8 were successful versus 2 loses; but the pip count tells an even more impressive story.

The total pips made during these 10 trades was 397

The total pips lost during these ten trades was 1.03

Hence in one day my total pip count was 396 (plus or minus)


On Friday I made a serious mistake due to my lack of discipline, emotional intelligence and sleep

Instead of going to sleep, based on the above mentioned successes, I decided to enter two more trades. Then, because of my ego, I refused to close them when I saw they were going bad.


This is a very serious personality failing on my part and I suffer many loses as a result


Today, I was lucky….


The market turned before there was very serious damage….there was serious damage, but not very serious damage.


By coincidence, the market turned right in the middle of my video. So, from a losing trade to a winning trade in about 30 seconds and all caught on camera !!!


So the results for Friday were:


2 trades, both successful (only by shere luck)

Total pips: 485


Thus for two days trading a total pip count of: 881


Not too shabby……


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