Will Jared Turn State's Evidence Against Trump?

Photo: Jared Kushner and President Trump
Public Domain

In short: "Yes"…..

There is no way Jared Kushner's father is going to let his little boy go to jail for a low life like Trump.

You know, sometimes when bad things happen in the world one wonders:

Is there really a God?

But when the Orthodox Jewish community so enthusiastically endorsed Trump for President and now we see that Trump will be resigning office in disgrace, then the answer clearly is:

Yes, there is a God…..

The Orthodox community is sick; Trump is sick and Jared Kushner is sick….

From another perspective, very soon, the economy in the USA is going to turn sour….

In 1929 it was not just the stock market which brought on the depression; it was also the weather (i.e. the dust storms).


The destruction of Houston with its oil and gas refineries is just part of the story. South East Texas is also a major agricultural center. But, what may be the straw which breaks the camel's back is that most people in Texas do not have the homes insured against water damage and 8 out of 10 families in the USA claim they live pay check to pay check (i.e. they have no savings).

People are estimating that the cost of this storm may reach as high as 500 Billion (that's a "B") dollars.

And on top of all that, we now have a major storm bearing down on Florida which some forecasters are predicting will be the worst to hit the coast in decades.....

In the meantime, everyday a new story comes out about Trump….his Soho property is partially owned by convicted criminal Felix Slater….Trump has given sworn testimony that he "hardly knows" Slater…..

Trump's Toronto property was financed by a bank directly under the supervision of Putin.

Trump's internet server was in direct connection with a bank in Russian via a link in the middle of a corn field in Iowa…

Trump's sons have stated publicly that Russians are major clients in both their apartment buildings and golf courses.

BUT !!!

Now the stories are starting to come out about Jared as well.


Jared was in the meeting with the Russian lawyer which, supposedly, was about Russian baby adoptions. Innocent enough, except it is now understood that the problem with Russian baby adoptions is directly linked to American sanctions against Russia (i.e. until the USA drops the sanctions, no more Russian babies). 

More significant than this, however, is that Donald Jr.'s e mail clearly show that the meeting had nothing to do with adoptions....

Jared Kushner also is directly linked to both Beni Steimetz and Lev Luviev. Steimetz is under investigation for money laundering and Lev Luviev, the Chabadnik who prays while standing knee deep in blood diamonds, is a close confident of Putin (it is no accident that Putin appointed a Chabadnik as Chief Rabbi of Moscow).

But what exactly is the connection to Putin, you ask?

Deutsche Bank.

The German bank has loan hundreds of millions of dollars to BOTH Trump and Jared Kushner and Jared has given his personal guarantee on these loans.

So what? He's rich, what's the problem?

The problem is that the Deutsche Bank division which is authorizing all these loans is working hand in hand with a Russian bank which is also under the direct supervision of Putin.

Finally, when taking up his position in the Federal government Jared was required to submit a "business diary" and his financial records and, since these revelations about his activities have become public, Jared has amended his financial records and business diary at least 3 times so far….

BUT !!! you say……

Jared is in no real danger because Trump can pardon him…..so: Why should he testify against his father in law?

Very simple….all the investigations are now being coordinated with the State of New York's attorney general's office. Trump can ONLY grant immunity for Federal crimes, not State crimes.

So, in conclusion…..

Trump is going down for the count, whether Jared testifies or not

Jared is also going down for the count…..

Jared's father has to be asking himself:

If Trump is going down anyway: Why must my boy also go to jail?

Why indeed?

The logic of Papa Kushner, himself a convicted criminal, is sound. In order for Baby Kushner to obtain immunity from prosecution, he MUST turn state's evidence, but there is a catch. Jared must turn state's evidence first, because there is a long line of criminals: such as General Flynn, Felix Slater, Paul Manafort who will also be seeking immunity. In other words: Baby Kushner must provide Federal and State prosecutors with information they don't already have...
So, What does all this mean for you?

When the economy goes sour the alternative right people are going to blame the Jews: specifically: Janet Yellen and the management of Goldman Sachs.

Then when Trump goes down these same people are again going to blame the Jews: but this time: Jared Kushner and his Jewish Russian friends.


They are going to turn around and blame you and your
Because, in the final analysis: President Trump; General
Flynn; Paul Manafort; Jared Kushner and, probably, Mayor
Giuliani as well; will all be prosecuted for:
(i.e. conspiring with a foreign power to subvert the
elections in the United States) 
but.....too strong a word ? you don't believe me?
Today....FACEBOOK admitted Russians place false ads on
their platform and American intelligence claims these
Russians were guided by an American citizen.....
And: Who was responsible for Trump's social media and IP
platform? (Internet Protocal) 
You guessed it: Jared Kushner




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Menachem Mendel Schneerson, "the Chabad Messiah" left his congregation behind in Paris just a few days before the Panzer divisions entered the city and escaped to the USA

Jared Kushner is a Chabadnik…..

A word to the wise should be sufficient…..