The UK's BREXIT referendum may aggravate EU's corrupted democracy

The British, who boast of their Magna Carta and their democracy, might make European democracy a whole lot worse by their BREXIT referendum! British demands for reform will be discussed at the European Council of 18 and 19 February 2016. The British public will then be asked whether they vote to stay or leave the European Union (EU).

The demands are not properly focused according to EU founder Robert Schuman's original, innovative design.  Like a ham-fisted butcher working on brain surgery, the UK intervention will make matters worse, not better.
Why the confusion? Since the days of autocratic French President Charles de Gaulle, the European Community's idealistic democracy has already been corrupted. The UK does not attempt to re-instate supranational or Community-based democracy.
At the core of the problem lies the dominant Cartel of groupings in the European Parliament, aided,  it would seem, by nearly all national politicians. They are showing that 28 countries called Democracies cannot abide by simple democratic rules at the European level. They prefer fraud and democratic theft. Another decade of crises in European affairs is under way!
Whatever the outcome of discussions Mr Cameron has with the European Council, whatever the arguments of anti-EU parties, whatever the support of pro-EU parties, the UK Referendum will be a major failure. Not just for the UK. It will be a major failure for all of Europe. It will be a major failure for all candidate States and Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland. All Europeans will lose out from UK’s referendum
Except the self-proclaimed ‘Top politicians’, the ‘TopPols‘.Why? Britain has been and will continue to be excluded from the top leadership of Europe. Not just now. Possibly for ever. It is not a member of the dominant Parliament grouping, the EPP. Even if Britain votes overwhelmingly to stay in, top jobs are excluded. Europeans had better not cheer like the Gaullists! Other countries might be in the same exclusion boat too.

When I spoke to a key member of the Prime Minister’s team about this at the June European Council last year, one thing was abundantly clear. The British government had no idea what was in store. I asked if the British government was going to deal with this vital question in their reform package.

My question was this: ‘Is the British government asking the European Council to remove the measures that exclude a Briton from ever becoming the President of the Commission? ‘

A reform referendum is the moment to make sure this error was corrected. Instead the British government has chosen to do nothing and say nothing about it. I was met with a blank look when I said that no Briton would ever become the Commission President in the future. Then when I explained, I could see the truth was sinking in.

As it stands the Continental powers will make sure that there will NEVER be a British president of the European Commission. This is a fairly obvious outcome of the subversive scheme that the Continental parties have already activated. The Conservatives are not part of the EPP. As long as they remain independent, they will never have one of their own called to be Commission President.
It is called the ‘Top Politician’ scam. Or if you want it in German: SpitzenKandidatenBetrug‘ The present Commission president is M. Jean-Claude Juncker. Nobody in the United Kingdom voted for him. If you add up all the votes cast within the UK, the highest figure I have seen that had anything to do with Mr Juncker is less than 0.2 percent of all votes cast. Even that is wrong. The answer is ZERO votes.
That is hardly surprising because no ballot paper in all the European Union said that Mr Juncker was a candidate for the office of President of the European Commission. He simply ’emerged’ from the European Parliament elections of June 2014. All this is a bit bizarre for a post some (wrongly) compare to the President of the USA and which pays a higher salary.
Just reflect a second. If the European Parliament elections were really about the election of the President of the European Commission, then obviously the ballot papers for the electors would say so. Legally, no election of the President took place. Hence everyone can shout out loud: FRAUD! SCAM! THIEVES! The 28 national elections for the 2014 European Parliamentary elections elected national members to the European Parliament, nothing more.
The national politicians know it is a fraud. Public research revealed that hardly anyone inside the EU even recognized his name, Juncker. Even Frau Merkel objected that no one really knew his name. It took some behind-the-scenes arms-twisting before even the national politicians agreed they could get away with it. The Socialists wanted to control Parliament and name its president. Eventually they all agreed.
Mr Juncker was the ex-prime Minister of Luxembourg, a tiny country at the heart of Europe known for a controversy of being a tax haven. He was out of office but still active in partisan politics.
Why then was Mr Juncker elected? Well, he had support. Who exactly? He was given the office because he was chosen by 382 party politicians. Who were they? They were those out of 800 special members of the European People’s Party (EPP) who voted ‘yes’ that Mr Juncker should be a ‘Top Politician.’ In other words, a Spitzenkandidat.
So less than half of the 800 EPP voters wanted Mr Juncker.
Were any of the 382 voters British? No. In fact none of the 800 who cast their vote was British.
All that should smell a little fishy to any democrat. Smelly, rather like a fish that is a week old.
Why were there no British voting for Mr Juncker? That is because the mainstream British parties are not in coalition with such operations as the EPP. The EPP is considered centre-right in European politics. But the centre-right British Conservative party is in another coalition with smaller parties it considers more like-minded.
The EPP has been and still is the biggest trans-European coalition of governmental parties. It dominates politics in the European Parliament. It is the equivalent in politics of what, in economics, is called a Cartel. And it dominates as if it were a monopoly power. The consumer, Joe Public, becomes a victim of extortion.
The EPP has managed to bring into its ranks major government parties of most of the EU’s Member States. The first major problem for Democracy and Justice is that Britain is excluded from its internal machinations.
That’s not all. It gets worse. The second major problem is that the prominent political parties, together with other coalitions among the Liberals and the Socialists have all agreed on what is an open fraud to bamboozle European citizens out of their democratic rights. What’s in it for them? Jobs on the Commission too and other agencies.They are saying that only politicians, not ordinary citizens, can be members of the Commission and that only their parties have a right to put up candidates for the office. In that they are dead wrong! The treaties say exactly the opposite. They say that Commissioners must be totally non-partisan and independent, like a judge in a court case. They swear in the European Court with the oath of office to be independent.

“I solemnly undertake:

  • to respect the Treaties and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union in the fulfilment of all my duties;
  • to be completely independent in carrying out my responsibilities, in the general interest of the Union;
  • in the performance of my tasks, neither to seek nor to take instructions from any Government or from any other institution, body, office or entity;
  • to refrain from any action incompatible with my duties or the performance of my tasks.”

And then do the opposite! An active partisan of a political party is member of a body with a dogma. By being national party politicians they are apt to take instructions from governments. By speaking to lobbyists in private, they are doing the wrong thing. Such matters should be discussed in public in legislative Consultative Committees or not at all. Being a party politician is the exact opposite of non-partisan. It is being highly partisan.

So this Continental fraud not only deprives the average citizen of his or her rights to become a Commissioner. It restricts the right to certain Continental politicians.
Furthermore, and most striking for the British Government’s ‘reform’, it completely eliminates all British politicians from the Commission game. So it discriminates against the average citizen by stopping independent citizens from becoming Commissioners and acting fairly. And, while committing this fraud, it discriminates against British politicians and excludes them from the politicians’ ‘closed shop’!
If you need to have an analogy it is equivalent to the Soviet Politburo system. Only those who were Communist party members could be considered to take leading roles in Soviet society. The same applies to the way the top politicians have rigged the EU governance system. Robert Schuman designed the Community system to have three levels of democracy and only the EP level was supposed to be party political. The Commission was defined as being the non-governmental, non-lobbyist, non-party political Honest Broker among these institutions.
How do the Top Pols get away with it? The Commission is supposed to be — and so it often boasts — the ‘guardian of the treaties’. So that once the Commission was full of politicians, they simply passed declaration saying: 'Only ex-politicians are welcome here.' They then said: 'We can be active in politics too.' The treaties say the opposite but the Commission declaration has not yet be tested in the European Court of Justice. Once it is raised there, there will be more than sparks flying.
If the treaties say that politicians cannot become Members of the Commission unless they renounce their allegiance to party dogma, doctrine and ideology, government representation and lobbyist activity, what is to be done about it?
If the UK refuses to raise this flagrant discrimination both against the British nation and against all British citizens, then matters will go from bad to worse. Regardless of the outcome of the referendum, it will be highly unlikely that Britain will seek a further reform referendum of the EU scam for another decade. Whether inside or outside the EU the corrupting of Schuman’s democracy will make the whole of European affairs more unmanageable.
The worst aspect of Britain’s refusal to apply Magna Carta principles of democracy is that the next referendum on reforming the EU is likely to be pushed back for years as politicians do not like referendums. Europeans will have to live with the Cartel’s distortion of democracy on immigration policy and the euro debacle for the near future.