Can the Cloud Make You Healthier?

Visit an ATM anywhere in the world and the experience is the same- instant access to financial details. In healthcare, the situation is different. In most cases, caregivers cannot access your medical history. “The Cloud,” said Yair Briman, General Manager and SVP of Healthcare IT at Philips, during a BDO event, “can make us healthier”.
Despite the convenience, most clinical providers and device vendors are wary of the Cloud. Their principal concern is data security. Last year, one in three Americans suffered a healthcare data breach. As a result, many startups rely on partnerships with major healthcare vendors, such as GE HealthCloud to overcome the security concerns of large healthcare systems. For its part, Philips is addressing major healthcare challenges, including End of Life, Air Quality and Oncology, via the Cloud.
eICU- Reducing The Cost of Acute Care
In the US, according to Banner Health, 5% of patients (those in the last two years of life) account for 50% of healthcare costs. Using a cloud-based, home-centric, telehealth model, Banner implemented the eICU remote care system. The result was 45% less hospitalizations and 27% lower costs.
Smart Air Purifier- Using Smartphones to Improve Air Quality
A connected air purifier, linked to your Smarphone, that constantly monitors city and home air quality and allows the user to take appropriate action when indoor air quality reaches unhealthy levels.
IntelliSpace Genomics – Personalized Medicine for Oncology Patients
Using Big Data, the sequencing output from a tumor biopsy is analyzed in the Cloud. Interpreting the detected mutations,  the patient is recommended a personalized treatment. Moreover, cancer patients can use the platform to connect with relevant clinical trials in real-time. As a result, the program is a diagnostic and a platform for the research of new signatures.
Healthcare is transitioning to home-based and remote care. Technology, particularly Cloud-based technology, is driving this change. The Cloud really can make us healthier.