Creating a Winning Visual Brand Identity: mHealth Israel Conference

Brand identity is important. It conveys personality, credibility, product quality and much more. Getting it right can mean the difference between good and great.
mHealth Israel selected Berliner Design as its agency of record. The mHealth Israel annual conference, held in February with nearly 600 attendees, is Israel’s largest digital health conference and one of the premier industry events in EMEA. The design challenge: create a world-class, memorable and trusted visual brand identity that appeals to the techie attendees and more traditional healthcare giants.
Considering that up to 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, building a powerful brand identity is critical. Here are 3 key learnings to apply towards a winning visual brand identity:
1. Visualize Brand Personality
Dig deep to understand the brand DNA, then bring that to life. The mHealth Israel conference core audience of health entrepreneurs skews young, dynamic and innovative. At the same time, the brand must feel welcoming to more traditional players like hospitals, insurance, pharma, device, etc. Using a color palate of orange and blue, supported by bold shapes, positioned the mHealth Israel conference as a fresh, upbeat and credible event. The branding implies energy, excitement and opportunity!
2. Consistency
The brand DNA must flow across all visual platforms. Berliner ensured that all conference touchpoints featured an integrated and consistent identity. From the visual lectern to the registration desk to the nametags – the same colors, shapes and font choices appear across marketing materials. 
3. Simple, Yet Clever
Avoid overcomplicating the brand presence. Clinical imagery or blue healthcare coloring would detract from the brand promise of innovation. Instead, visual symbols depicting '+' sign, mobile phone, cloud, hospital and stethoscope effectively conveyed the specialist focus of the conference, while still maintaining the interest of an IT audience.
“Berliner Design made the mHealth Israel conference better. The visual branding captured the brand promise. Their disciplined approach helped crystalize perceptions about the conference for attendees and stake-holders. The conference achieved twice the expected attendance. I have absolutely no doubt that the brand identity nurtured by Berliner Design played a key role in that outcome.” Levi Shapiro, mHealth Israel Conference Founder