How Far We've Come

To think that how far we’ve come as a people. It’s not often that we do so either from a communal standpoint; or from a personal standpoint. Instead of focusing on myself, Nadia Kiderman, I’d like to instead explore how far we’ve come from a communal standpoint. Because in doing so, only then will we truly be able to appreciate the type of siyata dishmaya that has been with us and continues being with us all along.

Let us not forget where we as a people stood, just a few decades ago. My family came from Eastern Europe where they were deprived of the ability to exercise their religion the way they would have; in a country that had the freedoms and liberties afforded to their citizens that America does. Unable to send their children to Yeshivas. Unable to educate their children about the Torah and the incredible lessons that can be extrapolated from both the written and oral Torah. And of course, unable to practice their religion out of fear that if they were to ever be caught, they would be punished without any reservation or limitation. 

Now decades later; consider how far we’ve come. We thank God are blessed to have our own state; the product of self determination - the state of Israel. And although the Jewish state is being demonized on a regular basis today with the continual barrage of falsehoods being perpetuated about it; there is no denying the incredible achievement it is, to have that state. The incredible accomplishment. 

To think that when I Nadia Kiderman was a little girl; that any of the above would be possible, would be unfathomable. Today we are able and blessed to practice our faith with pride. To be proud Jews isn’t enough unless we share it with the world. The inyan of Pirsumei Nisa that we discuss on Channukah - about publicizing the miracle of how the Maccabeats prevailed is relevant within this context as well. We have won. Now the battle for our survival as a nation is ongoing and will continue to be, because our detractors are great and they are relentless. But let’s not forget how far we have come.

Nadia Kiderman is a proud Jew who recognizes how far we have come as a nation and how blessed and fortune we all ought to feel. Am Israel Chai!