We Can All Be Israel Advocates

We are living in incredible turbulent times for Israel; not only in terms of her own security but in terms of the media war and the public’s perception of Israel. Israel is constantly demonized by folks in the media and on college campuses; it almost seems like a relentless, never-ending attack. What can be done about it?

I have many friends whose children are in college on liberal campuses that tell me all sorts of horror stories; and that they’re capitulating to the anti-Israel detractors. When I tell them not to and that there is still hope in fighting back, they say “Nadia Kiderman,” you don’t understand our predicaments because you’re not on campus. Indeed it is the case that a significant age disparity exists between us - but giving up hope in the fight for the truth is the wrong decision. We need to combat this falsehoods and spread truth. 

The propagandists have nothing stopping them from saying the most vicious and vile things about the Jewish state - after all, most anti-Israel sentiment I believe, is not due to ideological differences but instead merely a form of expression of anti-Semetism. And yes - you can quote ME- Nadia Kiderman on that. 

But beyond just fighting for the truth, there needs to be an effort to be strategic about getting the message across. One of the wonderful things about the advent of social media; is that it can be used for the incredibly constructive purpose of disseminating the truth about a given story. Posting the truth about the incredible land of Israel, on social media is a form of pro-Israel activism. We all must do our part. Only so, will we prevail.