My Plea to College Students

 College is more than just a time for students to choose their paths in life and learn about what they want to do as a career choice later in life. Even more so than that, college is a place where students begin to develop their political opinions and moral beliefs.
Today, more college students than ever are standing up for what they believe are morally just causes. Whether it be racial discrimination or LGBT rights, campuses today are hotbeds of political activity. There is one movement, however, stands out amongst the others; the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, (perhaps they do not like Sabra Hummus)?
We get taught from an early age that we should never be sheep and to just "go with the flow." The real magic of being able to live in a democracy like ours is that you have the right to question the norm, even if the act of doing so is considered "offensive" by those around us. We as citizens of the United States of America have a moral and legal obligation to ask questions and strive to learn more. It is thinking about this fact that leaves me bewildered as to how BDS is so popular today.
BDS's sinister agenda could not be more obvious. Hell, the very man who co-founded this absurd movement, Omar Barghouti, said he vehemently opposes a two-state solution with Israel. Maybe someone should ask him where he plans on putting all the Jews that would inevitably become exiles from the Palestinian state he wishes to create.
So as a student with plans to attend college in the very near future, I have a few questions for those college students who sympathize with BDS. Where's your outrage against Iran for executing children for committing acts that aren't even considered misdemeanors in the civilized world? Where's your demand for a boycott movement against Saudi Arabia for its appalling treatment of women? When was the last time hundreds of college students came together calling for sanctions against Syria for committing genocide against its people? Do I have a bad memory and not remember such movements, or are bleeding-heart liberal college students such as yourself oblivious to reality? I sure hope you can justify why Israel, a democracy which grants citizens of all faiths and both genders equal rights, is subjected to more boycotts, United Nations resolutions, and world condemnations than any other country in the world.
While it might seem quite the contrary, peace is anything but impossible. As a matter of fact, it is well within reach. Leftist college students today are being brainwashed by the  BDS movement and their agenda to replace Israel. It is Mahmoud Abbas inciting Palestinians to murder Jews and Hamas launching rockets against Israeli homes that is preventing peace. If hate and violence are as welcome in every facet of Palestinian society as they are today, and daily terrorist attacks on innocent civilians are happening throughout Israel, there cannot be peace.
Here is my final plea to American college students who sympathize with BDS: You are nothing more than a tool to BDS and are little more than a vehicle for the spread of hatred and falsehood by those who want nothing more than a second holocaust. By advocating for BDS, you are not advocating for human rights; you are advocating for a twisted and unprecedentedly one-sided ideology. Facts are not something that BDS can change for their political convenience, if you look hard enough, you will find these facts and realize that BDS is feeding you nothing more than anti-semitic spew. You should never allow BDS, let alone anyone, convince you about such a complicated topic as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without doing a fair amount of research on your own.
 It is not too late to exit the pit of unfathomable ignorance that BDS has sucked you into and see the reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Get out your books, go onto the internet, take a trip of your own to Israel and start doing an investigation of your own. Not even the most distinguished professors in the world can teach you as much as you can teach yourself. Question the norm on your campus; don't just subscribe to an ideology because all of your friends do. Your education is your time to learn, don't let BDS steal it from you and brainwash you with their evil ideology.