Sorry Abbas, Vacation is Over!

December 23, 2016, it is a date that has remained fresh in the minds of many of us. The day when the Obama administration's petulant hatred of Netanyahu and naive approach to foreign policy culminated in an American abstention on UNSC Resolution 2234. For those who do not remember, it was a resolution proclaiming that Israel's building in its capital of Jerusalem is "illegal" under international law.
​I guess whoever wrote this "international law" forgot about the thousands of years of archeological history that the Jewish people have in Jerusalem. So much for facts and history being supporting evidence of your claim to something! Hell, if historical evidence of your presence somewhere is no longer considered as proof of ownership under international law, maybe I should make a historical claim to Paris! Sure, I have no evidence or supporting arguments to support this claim. But hey, Neither do the Palestinians to Jerusalem and look how many narrow-minded progressives and political-correctness obsessed governments believe and support their claim!
It did not come as a surprise to anyone that the Palestinian Authority, whose members deserve honorary PhDs in history distortion, applauded the United States for this move, with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas saying soon after that "We are neighbors on this holy land and we want peace." It was one hell of a statement from Abbas, one that received thunderous applause from every naive progressive in the United States government. Apparently, these same politicians conveniently forgot about the far more numerous and routine statements from Abbas calling for violence, terrorism, and genocide against the Jewish State.
There is hardly any disagreement over the fact that under the Obama administration, the Palestinian Authority enjoyed what is describable as no less than a diplomatic vacation. A time where they could fly their true hateful colors and incite as much violence against the Jewish State with minimal repercussions from the United States.
This diplomatic vacation came to an abrupt end on January 20th.
It took President Trump a matter of hours to do something that Barack Obama could not figure out how to do for eight years, and that is simply to recognise that there are two main forces for foreign policy in this world, the Axis of Evil, led by Iran and North Korea, and the Axis of Good, led by the United States and its western allies.
More recently, the Trump administration threatened to shut down the PLO's office in Washington D.C., citing a well known law that if the Palestinians chose to take unilateral action against Israel in the ICC, the PLO's consulate would be shut down. Of course, in line with their policy of appeasement, the Obama administration chose to ignore this law.
​While I am disappointed in the Trump Administration's decision to allow the PLO's office to remain open (albeit with limitations), the mere threat by President Trump to take such action sends a clear message to the Palestinians: "Your vacation is over, you are either on our side or the side of the enemy."
​Now I have never been a major supporter of Trump. I did not vote for him, and as a staunch Republican, I find many of the things he says and does to be beyond indefensible. However, as an American who believes that we should not be supporting entities which openly oppose our values and take for granted our support in the way the Palestinians do, I am glad to see my government finally taking a stand against the Palestinian Authority's support for terrorism and opposition to even the most basic of western values. It is a welcome change after eight years of a foreign policy based off of incompetence.