A reply to Miriam Margolyes article in the UK 'Telegraph'

Dear Miriam,
Re your recent published article in the Telegraph with Matthew Stadlen
This piece of journalism opens with your provocative message that “most of the English are naturally anti-Semitic”, you then completely contradict yourself by admitting that you have only ever had one direct experience of anti-Semitism in your life!
You go on to state that Jews are “too smart to be liked”, well indeed that maybe the case however your interview proves that in your particular case the exception hasn’t proven the rule!
It’s all quite cleverly laid out by you in an attempt to illustrate that the rise of UK anti-Semitism can be laid squarely at the feet of Israel and Israel alone. You claim that ‘anti-Semitism was unacceptable after the Holocaust but now it is acceptable’, one assumes that you will claim that this is of course down to how Israel chooses to defend itself and how Israel treats the Palestinians in the ‘occupied territories’.
There is much that sickens me about this article including, your blatant attempt to self-publicize your limited talents with a headline that is bound to be controversial, your apparent distinct lack of understanding of the actual situation on the ground in Israel and the disputed territories, your total disregard for the ‘English’ who have been (in the main) the most brilliant of hosts to persecuted Jews of Eastern Europe, your total lack of knowledge regarding actual anti-Semitism in the UK and finally your continued attacks on the Jewish State which as a Jew you really shouldn’t be proud of.
Yes, one can criticize the Israeli government for many things, especially those with a liberal or leftist viewpoint. I mean which countries government cannot expect criticism or is it only Israel in your view? The point being Ms. Margolyes that you ONLY choose to be critical of Israel and the fact that you are Jew you think will give this criticism some sort of extra leverage.
I wonder where is your criticism of the United Nations that has gone out of its way to make the Palestinian Arabs a special refugee case whilst ignoring many others? Where is your criticism of the leaders of the Palestinians who after siding with Hitler and his Nazi régime (as it would do their dirty work for them) have refused every offer of peace, firstly before the founding of the State of Israel, then after each and every war and most recently when a left wing Israel PM made Arafat an offer of 93% of his demands and was met with NO, NO, NO and the second Intifada? Where is your criticism of Iran and Qatar who both fund terrorists whose stated aim is to kill every Jew, not only in Israel but also in the World? That’s both you and me Miriam! Where is your criticism of Hamas who use UN schools, hospitals, public buildings and members of the public as human shields? Where is your criticism of Hamas who due to their continued miss-use of charity and United Nations assistance to build terror tunnels and launch rockets at Israel for the past 8 years has turned Gaza into a living prison? Where is your criticism of the United Nations who only ever meet to condemn Israel whilst not having the backbone to say anything about IS or the systematic wiping out of the Christian faith in the Middle East? Of course I could go on and on Miriam asking why you only choose to criticize Israel whilst ignoring the atrocities that go on in the violent world we live in.
Unfortunately Miriam its people like you, especially the Jewish people like you who are to blame for the rise in UK anti-Semitism because you choose to criticise from a position of ignorance whilst holding a position of a certain degree of fame. You join the long list of 600 signatories who have decided to boycott Israel, that’s, in my opinion, 600 more ignoramuses because what we all can agree is this, intolerance is born from ignorance.
Kind regards