CNN is it's Own Worst Enemy

 I live in Toronto, Canada where the huge Rogers cable empire dominates. So if you live here chances are that you subscribe to Rogers cable. Rogers offers packages to its customers that usually involve TV cable, internet and cell phone services. Within the TV cable there are dozens of packages available that include different channels. The package that we (my wife) has chosen for us includes CNN but excludes FOX. This happens to be one of the most basic packages available. Why? I don't know but I suspect something sinister here. The owners of Rogers (formerly Ted) are left leaning to say the least. So despite many of us not liking CNN at all, we are forced to watch it if we want to watch US news at all.
I have an interest in geopolitics and Israel in particular, so from time to time I watch some CNN (usually simply because my wife controls the remote). Over the past 8 years, I have urged people to stop watching CNN. They were broadcasting opinion, their opinion, not fact. Furthermore their opinion has a definite left leaning agenda which usually goes hand in hand with demonizing Israel, Jews, Christians, whites and Americans. Of course Republicans hold the # 1 attack spot.
Since Trump won the election they have not stopped even for a moment, their relentless attacks on him and his supporters.
The latest case in point was the constant arguing about how many people attended Trump's inauguration. They must have invested millions of dollars trying to prove their case that Trump had way fewer attendees than did Obama. The world could have been on fire but all one could watch on CNN were pictures of Obama's inauguration day vs Trump's. It was on a constant loop. All sorts of experts were brought in to prove their case and attack Trump of course. 
Thank G-d for the internet so I can find out what's really going on in the world. Unless it affects Trump negatively, you can bet that you won't see it on CNN. I'm sure it hurt them tremendously to have to report on the election. Even then according to them, Trump was losing the election until the last minute. 
Of course I despise CNN for it's constant BS. As Trump correctly calls them out, they are producers of fake news. But surely a company that size can come up with more interesting twists within their fake news. They should hire me. I have a great imagination and could invent a multitude of interesting attacks about Trump, Israel, etc. I mean if you're going to BS me, make it interesting at least, right? Their channel is so boring, repeating the same crap over and over that even left leaning democrats don't watch it. 
I would guess that most left leaners (democrats in the US) are young adults in their twenties. Most of them do not watch CNN. Not necessarily because they don't trust them, it's just that it's just way too repetitive and boring.
Depending what statistics you read Fox has between 2 and 3 times the viewers that CNN or MSNBC have. . CNN's ratings fell drastically after the election. If you were to turn CNN on today you'd be inundated with 'news' about the millions of protesters against Trump's immigration laws preventing millions of innocent Muslims from immigrating into the US at dozens of airports. Despite CNN pushing their attack news channel on the US President, he is still the President. 
Obama was the most 2 faced president of all time. Trump was not 2 faced at all. He promised to make America safe and he said the way to start was to limit Muslim immigration from Islamic terrorist sponsored states. Thankfully he is keeping his promise!  Sooner or later, many left leaning Democrats  will become disillusioned with news channels like CNN or MSNBC. Either when reality starts to hit them in the face or they start to think for themselves or when they just get plain bored out of their minds from watching the same attacks on Trump day in and day out. 
CNN is CNN's worst enemy. I just now saw their latest breaking news headline 'Monday night massacre'. I thought there was another Islamic terror attack. No, it was simply about Trump firing the acting attorney general. The faster their ratings go down, the harder they try to lure viewers to their fake news. Good night CNN (hopefully forever)!