Have Jewish Organizations that Sponsor Syrian Migrants Gone Too Far?

What I find so painful, is when so many Jews (my friends and family included) are patting themselves on the back because they are championing the ‘Syrian migrants’  cause even to the point of many shuls sponsoring Muslim families to move to my city of Toronto and elsewhere!


What they are really doing is guaranteeing that their grandchildren and mine will have to deal with muslims who hate us and will no doubt cause us trouble. Trouble ranging from yelling threats at us on the street to raping our grandchildren and even worse. One doesn’t need to look beyond Europe to see the actual effects of letting in millions of unscreened ‘Syrian migrants’. I enclose 'Syrian migrants' in quotes because more often than not, they are not at all Syrian. Most are not in any serious danger. I'm not saying that their lives are a picnic but there are many more people out there in far worse shape. There is no justification for them to jump to the front of the line. As has been the case in the last 50 years or longer, they are moving to the West for economic reasons. Period. That's the same reason that most immigrants have been moving to the West forever. A chance at a better life. The difference between the majority of the muslim migrants and the rest of the immigrants is that the former although may certainly be excited for a better life, it's not liberty or freedom from religious persecution that they seek. Every legitimate poll out there confirms my worst fears. The vast majority of muslims world wide prefer living under sharia law. This means that they are not only okay with taking our laws into their own hands but strive for this event. Not every muslim is a terrorist but most (don't take my word for it, look at the data) dream for a society where only they dominate. 


So while our liberal/democratic/progressive Jewish friends on the left are enjoying a feel good moment today by demonstrating against Trump’s sane policy of protecting us from potential terrorists and many who albeit are not necessary terrorists themselves but are haters of all non-Muslims with Jews at the top of their hate list, it’s our children and grandchildren who will pay the ultimate price for their moment of weakness. 


I often hear their attempt to guilt us into helping the ‘Syrian migrants’. This often comes at the cost of helping our own. Who hasn’t heard their pleas that these poor souls are no different than our parents when they fled Europe. As a child whose parents survived the Holocaust, I find it most insulting to compare my parents with any of the Muslim migrants! Our Jewish survivors were not a security threat. Not a one of them. Nor were they a burden on society. Quite the opposite. They often founded businesses, large and small, worked hard and employed many local citizens. Furthermore all immigrants back then were screened, face to face with an immigration officer. They often required someone already in Canada or the US to sponsor them before they were even allowed to leave Europe. Today one 1 in 10 immigrants have face to face meetings with an immigration officer in Canada!


I recently replied to my country’s largest Jewish organization (CIJA) Centre for Israel & Jewish Affairs when they asked me to donate to their sponsorship of ‘Syrian Migrants’ and to support anti-Islamophobic laws in Canada I told them that they need to focus their energy on Jewish causes instead of trying to gain favour with a political ideology (Islam) wherein tens of millions of that ideology want to kill us. 


If you haven’t guessed by now, the answer to the title of my blog is: Hell Yes! 
PS: This just in. A 'Syrian migrant' just got arrested in Edmonton for multiple sexual assaults.