I'm Disappointed with Trump

But not for the reasons you might think.
Yes, you heard me right. Very disappointing. So far he's done next to none of what he said he would do. Drain the swamp? Fail. Build the wall? Not yet. Tax reform? Not yet.  Immigration? Fail. Move the embassy to Jerusalem? Fail. Put Hillary in Jail? Fail. Kill the Iran deal? Major Fail. Get Americans back to work? OK but I and others expected better.
Don’t get me wrong, I still am thrilled that he won over the other 2 dangerous, antisemitic losers but to put it politely, there is room for improvement. If you read my previous blogs you would know that out of the almost 20 Republican candidates, Trump was never my first choice policy wise and certainly not personality wise. When he told us, prior to the election that he will try to make a peace deal with the Israelis and Palestinians I wanted to puke.  I would have preferred Cruz or Huckabee. But since they had no chance in beating Hillary or Sanders, I'm glad that Trump won.
To be fair, every single person prior to being elected in a democratic country has great intentions and aspirations regarding various policies they wish to put in place. People vote for them based on these ideas. But for the most part, once they are elected they quickly find out that it's not that easy. In Trump's case, he stepped into a wasp nest. Aside from the hysterical Left which is a huge population and who label him everything from a Nazi pig to a racist, misogynist retard, he also has to deal with his enemies within the Republican party which includes all kinds of Soros loving spies, Obama and company and his own left leaning family (Ivanka and Jared Kushner) who are constantly trying to influence him more to the center and shut him down. The mainstream media, post secondary education system (colleges and universities) and thousands of organizations both within and outside of the States hate him to death. Now that is unprecedented. As far as I'm aware, no prior US president ever had to deal with that group of haters since day 1. I think he's being attacked on all sides perhaps even more so than Nixon was after Watergate.
But my issue with him is simple: Do or at least try to do what you promised. Ignore the bullshit. Forget about appeasing your haters. Focus on those who elected you who were obviously the majority of the population. Push back against well meaning family members and others who want to make you someone you're not. If you like tweeting, keep it up. If you like giving nicknames to people like 'little rocket man', continue. These are inconsequential things. His strong point never was communication. We all knew that going in. Any leader knows that you can't please all the people all the time. So the smart money should say- don't even try. No one said being the president of the free world is going to be easy. But he also knew that going in. It's time that he got back to basics and be himself. It's not too late Donald. Free yourself from the restraints and get to work. I do hope that he doesn't turn into just one more forgettable loser like the Bushes, Clintons or Obama before him.