Is Trump Crazy- Thousands Think He Is

 If you arrived in the US today from some isolated place in the world like the jungles of Borneo you would probably think that the president of the most powerful country on earth is CRAZY.
After all, there are solemn parades like the one in New York, books written and commentaries by over 100 psychiatrists or pseudo-psychiatrists who all claim that he is crazy and therefore is unfit to be president.
Most of those who opposed Trump during the election didn’t oppose him because they disagreed with his policies, they opposed him because…. wait for it… they thought he was NUTS. And they haven’t let up on that.
If one wanted to sincerely find out why they thought so, it was very difficult and uncomfortable to say the least. Why? Because those that hated him couldn’t clearly and objectively state their case. Reasons varied from: look at his crazy hair to just parroting the main stream media’s constant array of lies, attacks, exaggerations and especially taking his talking or tweeting points out of context. I’ve noticed that amongst my own (I’m a secular Jew in uber left wing Toronto) that many who opposed him projected their own insanity on him. The 24-7 attacks on Trump by the MSM are not helping. If he invented a cure for cancer, they would still find fault. The press would go something like this: 'Today president Trump invented a cure for prostate cancer. But what about cancers that affect women? Being a narcissist, misogynist and sexist  he only cares about himself. '
Many who oppose him including some Republicans and never Trumpers are themselves irrational. From serious intellectuals like Daniel Pipes who at one time preferred not to vote at all rather than vote for him to some of my apolitical friends. Daniel Pipes walked it back a bit later after Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Let me relate a personal story which typifies exactly who we are dealing with:
I reconnected to an old  friend from high school on FB. We both had parents who were Holocaust survivors which allowed us a unique shared history and permitted us to lovingly make jokes about our 'greener' parents. Soon after our reconnection Trump got elected. We never talked about politics but I mentioned that in my retirement I became an activist for Jewish causes and Israel. One day she sent me a pic of the Trump family with all of the women with their hands near their genitalia with the headline 'No wonder they are covering their vaginas'.  It was meant to be a 'funny' jab at Trump for apparently being at the very least a misogynist, racist, sexist and at most, far worse. I replied with a similar jab at Obama who I viewed as the worst president in American history.  
She went nuts! How dare I. If she wanted to read trash there were many options on the internet to do so, she didn't need me to send it to her. When I mentioned politely that she didn't see a problem sending me trash about my favorite president in history and that since she opened the door on US politics why was it wrong for me to reciprocate? She then went into a messy diatribe about how when she was young she was attacked sexually by a family member and that’s why she hates Trump and so should the world. 
For a crazy guy he’s certainly accomplished a ton in such a short time despite the swamps opposition to him. The US economy has and continues to benefit its people and the world is safer thanks to Trump yet many people hate him. I ask you: Who is crazy? To put a point on it, for the most part, Trump supporters seem to have their heads screwed on right whereas the left amongst having other issues are, hang on I’m trying to think of the correct medical term…. oh yea… I got it…they are batshit CRAZY!