Trump's appointment of John Bolton is the best thing he's done so far

President Trump has done so many great things. Just becoming the president of the United States was huge. It stopped the world from disintegrating into a hell hole.
Previous American leaders were slowly but surely heading in the wrong direction. When Obama took the lead, he hastened the pace. Worse still was his two faced method of doing so. You recall him often saying to Israel "I've got your back," meanwhile he was always attempting to orchestrate the destruction of Israel. But this post is about Trump and his latest appointee, John Bolton, as National Security Advisor.


If you are a supporter of Jews and Israel then you might think that his consideration of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and identifying Jerusalem as the capital of Israel as his greatest accomplishment to date. There is no doubt in my mind that that was indeed an awesome and important deed. I can't thank him enough for that.

But in many ways appointing Bolton to his administration is a far greater accomplishment. I would have been thrilled to have Bolton as president but I knew that he was not electable. I'm sure he did too. Second best would be to have him in a prominent role in the next administration. In fact I was deeply upset when Trump opened office, that he did not appoint John to such a role.
The State Department has always been a thorn in all right wing governments and even with some Democrat leaders. This often antisemitic and therefore anti-Israel, pro-Arab government organization needed draining above all others. Yet Trump appointed Tillerson. I didn't get it. Surely Trump knew that the majority of people who worked there were not his friends (I'm being kind). Didn't he know that Rex wouldn't change a thing? Only a person like Bolton would have the guts and know how, to kick the scum out of that department which still has many Hillary and Obama lovers who are more than happy to stab Trump in the back and throw Israel under the bus. 


Bolton has a long, distinguished career under various administrations both Democrat and Republican. His knowledge in geopolitics is possibly the best in the world. His predictions come true. He is also a historian and loves facts and knows them well. He doesn't seem to rely on getting his information from CNN but instead has deep rooted connections throughout the world and therefore has valuable insights.

He predicted North Korea's nuclear proliferation under the Clinton administration and was mocked for speaking out against the deal at the time. Yet he did not shut his mouth. He also vociferously opposed the Iran deal. Thank G-d someone did. On existential issues he speaks out, as well he should. He does not follow the herd and has never been a sycophant and I doubt he becomes one now. Trump needs someone knowledgeable that he can trust. He does not need people to shut him up or control him nor does he need people to simply nod their heads in agreement with whatever he says. 


Bolton's intelligence forces him to recognize Israel for what she is. The best ally the US has. As such he opposes the creation of a Palestinian State which he rightly predicts would pose an indefensible border with Israel and has been a consistent friend to Israel regardless of the administration he was part of.


Trump has many enemies. He also won't be the leader for ever. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. It's therefore important for Trump to appoint as many great people to run the country as he can while he can. Bolton is certainly such a person. I know no one better. Bolton will make Americans safer, the world a better place and certainly not throw Israel under the bus, which has sadly happened far too many times under so many different US administrations.