Why I'd vote for Marine Le Pen

Maybe I'm a contrarian. But I must say that I'm sick of everyone attacking this brave woman. It's easy to attack people out of context. Most of the media attention about her is negative. Like they did with Trump, they simply ignored his scary and pathetic competition while attacking him. The media are treating her the same. She is attacked on anything she says or does whether good or bad.
Let us dig a little deeper, shall we?
All choices are relative. Her Left wing competitors will continue to take France down. As France sits today, it is in ruins. Economically bankrupt. Teetering on an implosion. Since their compulsion to bring in millions of Muslims from Algeria, Tunisia and other Muslim states France has steadily moved into a dangerous welfare state.
Her competition is so pathetic that they will continue to woo the Arab votes at all costs.
She is the only candidate who recognizes the danger of Muslim immigration. No one really knows the exact number of Islamic terrorists living in France due to all the no-go zones throughout the country as well as the indoctrination of political correctness for far too long.
France's standing as a prime tourist destination rests on the shoulders of the number of terrorist attacks. As that number increases (and under the current leadership it certainly will), the tourists will disappear.
She bravely distanced herself from her father's antisemitic views to the point of kicking her own father out of the party. She has gone after antisemitic members of her party as well.
If I was a Jew living in France, I would prefer to vote for her over the same old garbage that has turned France into a land fill. I'm not naive enough to think that either she or her party are my friend. But neither am I naive enough to think that the past governments (regardless of party) were my friends either.
The bottom line: I would rather live in a country that won't let anyone wear any religious clothing in public than to live in a country where I can wear my kippah in public but most likely I'd be dead by a Muslim terrorist before I got to safety!