Why the Toronto terrorist's identity was kept secret

Earlier in the week a man shot up the east end of Toronto (known as Greek Town) and ended up killing 2 people and injuring 14. Thankfully police eventually shot and killed him. 
Typically the identity of killers are announced as soon as they are established by the authorities. Except of course if they are Muslim. In those cases, their names are held back as long as possible. That’s why am I not surprised that the murderer was a Muslim. Because his identity was kept under wraps. In no way am I saying all Muslims are murderers, absolutely not.
What I am saying is that in Canada under our current PM, when a terrorist attack occurs (like this one) and we are aren't told soon after the incident who the murderer is, you can bet he's a radical Islamist. Our government tries its best to hide the attackers ID in such cases. What is their usual response? He's insane of course. It was not religiously motivated, oh no, never, because Islam is the religion of peace.
American news identified the murderer as having ties to ISIS and he might have even visited Pakistan and Afghanistan. Toronto police as of this writing have still not corroborated any of this. 29 year old Faisal Hussain was eventually identified as the terrorist.   He needs to be tried for terrorism in absentia and his entire family and friends need to be investigated and charges laid on anyone who deserves it.
Unfortunately a passionately written apology was supplied to the CBC (our national broadcaster) on behalf of his parents by a pro-Islamist friend of the family. And of course in it, they more or less insinuated that he was mentally imbalanced. They are already promoting the insanity defense. The worst part is that our Minister of Security in Canada immediately decried that Faisal was not listed on any terror lists, i.e. they had no reason to investigate him.
However the Toronto police had previously investigated him regarding charges of violence and illegal weapons possession. Authorities in Canada refuse to call this a crime of terror since they say (so far) that he acted alone. So a person who was inspired by an Islamist website to go and kill a bunch of innocent civilians in any random country is not a terrorist because in theory he acted alone.
Is that the only criteria used to differentiate a murderer from a terrorist? If he was caught on video yelling Allah Akhbar while shooting people, would that have convinced them to identify him as a legitimate terrorist? I doubt it since we’ve seen that before on many occasions in Canada and the US (and in Europe of course) but that didn’t stop authorities then to declare those murderers as simply insane. One could say that all terrorists are in fact insane since behaving like a terrorist is certainly not ‘normal human behavior’.
Our alt Left leaning government, so infused with political correctness, reminds me of the Obama presidency where the words ‘Islam’ and ‘terror’ were not permitted to appear together. They will try their best not to find any connections to ISIS or any other Islamic terror groups for Faisal in order to stick to their narrative; He was an insane man, period. The fact that he was Muslim has nothing to do with it. It was not a terrorist crime.
Our dangerous immigration policy which promotes bringing in as many un-vetted Muslim migrants as possible could be the end of us here in Canada. We are currently in a race with countries like France, Sweden, Belgium, England and others in Europe who have either lost their will to exist or are approaching civil war and economic disasters, to bring in as many ’Syrian migrants’ as possible.
Hopefully we will finally replace our pro-Muslim PM Trudeau next year with a Conservative leader (Andrew Scheer) who has his head screwed on tight.