The Secret Alliance between Hamas and ISIS by David Allouche

A famous Israeli General , in charge of supervizing the Gaza Strip explained in an Arab Media outlet that Hamas had made an alliance with ISIS. It allows its fighters to be treated in Gazan Hospitals in exchange of weapons and intelligence informations. Additionally they conduct together military drills. The information was confirmed by the very serious
Coordinator of Government Activity in the Territories Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, told a media outlet based in Saudi Arabia that the Islamic State activists have sneaked into Gaza from Sinai and are offering weapons and money to Hamas. In return the Islamic State' activists received top medical treatments in Gaza Hospitals ,payed by Hamas top officials.

Mordechai explained in this magazine(Elaph) that this cooperation was discovered recently.. He stated that the members of the Islamic State entered the Gaza Strip a few days ago from Egypt via the tunnels. The purpose of their visit was to carry out military exercises in the strip. They prepared military drills and exchanged knowledges concerning urban warfare.

In the interview, the coordinator explained that Hamas is aiding ISIS by providing medical treatment for its people in Gazan hospitals in exchange for money and weaponry. According to Mordechai, there is mutual coordination between the military echelons of Hamas and ISIS, which is known to Hamas's senior political leaders, as well.
Elaph also reported that wounded have been recently transferred from the Sinai Peninsula, where ISIS is active, to Gaza. These informations were confirmed by the analysts of the serious
This report is expected to embarrass ISIS before Egypt, with whom the terrorist organization is attempting to rehabilitate its relationship. One ofHamas's goals with Egypt is to persuade the government to open the Rafah Crossing with Gaza,