Jihad Wins

It should have come as no surprise when UNESCO voted to remove the designation of “Temple Mount” in Jerusalem from Temple Mount and of “Western Wall” from the Western Wall. The UN now recognizes these holiest Jewish sites as Muslim, officially legitimizing the seventh-century Islamic conquest of the ancient Jewish capital by erasing its history.
UNESCO’s name for Temple Mount is now “Haram al-Sharif” and “al-Buraq” for the Western Wall. Al-Buraq was Mohammed’s winged horse which bore the prophet heavenward from the rock at Temple Mount on his Night Journey from Mecca to Jerusalem. Mohammed is said to have tied al-Buraq at the Western Wall; hence it was named in the horse’s honor. Muslim boys are often named Barack.
This twenty-first century gift from retreating western civilization to an expansionist theology succumbs to the latter’s practice of co-opting other religions’ holy sites. Villainy alone does not drive ISIS to explode Mesopotamian archeology. Mere pride did not morph Hagia Sofia Church into a mosque. Nor did affection for America underpin attempts to open a mosque at the site of the 9/11 World Trade Center atrocity.
Historically, Islamic victory requires a prayer and a monument, as if conquest were morally imperative. Historically, we are told our rights are subservient – convert, submit to humiliating second-class status (dhimmitude), or die. Those have been our options. The events at Ground Zero fall fully within this context.
Why does the enlightened world kowtow to violent principles from the dark ages – why is it actively complicit in its own demise?
The West retreats before jihad because it has morally disarmed itself. Conquest by moral subterfuge is most effective. The massive population transfer from the Arab world into Europe constitutes an invasion that could never be achieved militarily – protecting refugees is basic Judeo-Christian decency whereas military force would have been met with military force. “Invasion” is not too strong a word – ultimately invasion precipitates cultural and political take-over.
ISIS is more honest – they say convert or off with your head.
The most effective force behind Islamic expansion since the Middle Ages is Barack Obama.
On Obama’s watch, jihad has thrived both militarily and demographically within and beyond its previously accomplished borders. While Europe convulses under the overwhelming influx and its deepening impact, Obama actively propagates a similar influx into the United States. A premature and publically announced American withdrawal from Iraq, the undermining of regimes in Libya and Egypt, tepid responses to jihadist atrocities in Syria and the increasingly unreliable support for America’s long-term allies engender precipitous jihadist successes world-wide. America will no longer stand in the way.
One of Obama’s first official actions was banning the accurate term “Islamic jihad” from American war training in the already badly named “War on Terror”. (Calling the defense against jihad a “War on Terror” was like calling World War II a “War on Armor”.) Making it immoral to identify that which is attacking you makes it impossible to mount a defense.
Most of the world’s hot spots are situated where the Islamic world interfaces with the rest of the world. This has been true for a long time. Obama has “led” outside the borders of Islam by declining defense. Hence the influx. Hence the carnage. Hence the accelerating demise of the West.
Why does the UN see the usurpation of Jewish holy sites in Israel as national liberation and not jihad? Why is the murderous Palestinian fiction of an Israeli plot against Haram al-Sharif seen as legitimate freedom-fighting instead of jihadist provocation when it was a Palestinian proposition that ultimately led to UNESCO’s action?
The UN accepts erasing Jewish history and holy sites because it is terrified and anyway who likes Jews?
That Haram al-Sharif is Mount Moriah, that al-Buraq is a foundation wall of the Second Temple, that Jerusalem was the Jewish capital long before Islam came along – all such inconveniences are addressed by theological revisionism. Abraham the founder of monotheism is retroactively anointed an Islamic prophet; Isaac, Abraham’s son whose sacrifice God demanded, is replaced with Ishmael; Moses the Lawgiver, the founder of the Jewish nation, is made another Islamic prophet; and Temple archeology beneath the Temple Mount is literally bulldozed.
And Jesus? It is no great honor to be adjudged a prophet in someone else’s religion when that clearly implies the debasement of one’s own.
Jesus said, “The truth shall set you free”. The truth is we are at war and Islamic jihad is our sworn enemy. Freedom means fighting that enemy.
Otherwise, jihad wins.