200 Israelis held up in airport after landing in Dubai

All Israeli visitors will now be required to fill out E-visa forms.

Flydubai flight to Israel from the UAE (photo credit: EMIL SALMAN/POOL)
Flydubai flight to Israel from the UAE
(photo credit: EMIL SALMAN/POOL)
About 200 Israeli tourists were held up in the Dubai airport on Monday morning after landing in the United Arab Emirates amid confusion about visa regulations, according to Channel 12 news.
The tourists claimed that they were being kept in the airport due to a change in visa regulations forbidding them from entering. The regulations allowing Israelis to enter were reportedly suspended on Sunday evening. The entry issues reportedly began on Sunday, although the issue was resolved for four flights on Sunday.
Passengers with non-Israeli citizenship were allowed into the country. The passengers with Israeli citizenship were allowed into the country after filling out an E-visa form. Before the change in regulations on Sunday evening, this was not required. This will now be required for all Israeli visitors.
The issue was handled by senior officials in the Israeli Foreign Ministry and additional flights expected to take off on Monday were approved for entry to Dubai after discussions between Israeli and Emirati officials. The head of the National Security Council, Meir Ben-Shabbat, also had a central role in settling the issue.
According to Israeli media, the change in visa regulations may have occurred due to hints by Israel that Dubai would be marked as a red state, meaning its citizens would not be able to enter Israel.
Later on Monday, the Foreign Ministry of the United Arab Emirates sent a letter to the Israeli Foreign Ministry to reiterate the guidelines for issuing visas to Israeli tourists who arrive in the country.
According to the established procedure, tourists who travel using an Israeli passport will be able to enter the Emirates using a tourist visa that will be requested for them in advance by the airlines or travel agencies. The visas cost 250 dirhams (about $90) which will be charged by the airlines.
The procedure went into effect on November 30, and will continue until the visa waiver agreement, which was signed between the countries on October 20, is approved to begin.