'39-point gap in English, French-Canadian views of Jews'

Earlier this week, on the same day Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke of his country's strong support for Israel and the fight against            anti-Semitism, poll results were published in the Montreal Gazette showing a remarkably large gap between English and French Canadians towards their fellow Jewish citizens. The survey, undertaken by Association for Canadian Studies, examined social views towards Jews in Canada, the US, Germany and Spain.
Among those polled, French Canadians ranked dead last in terms of favorable views towards Jews. Only 34 percent of Canadian Francophones responded that they felt Jews shared their values. After Francophone Canadians, Spaniards were the least likely believe Jews shared their values, with only 39%. In contrast, 73% of English Canadians responded that they believed that Jews shared their values. A large percentage German and American respondents also agreed with the statement that  Jews share their values.
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