4-year-old New Jersey boy accidentally shoots friend

A 4-year-old New Jersey boy shot and seriously injured a 6-year-old boy with a rifle he found in his family's home, police said on Tuesday.
The shooting, in Toms River, New Jersey on Monday, came two days after another 4-year-old shot and killed the wife of a sheriff's deputy at her home in Lebanon, Tennessee, using a handgun he found on a bed.
Both shootings were under investigation but believed to be accidental, authorities said.
Toms River police chief Michael Mastronardy told Reuters that the two children were playing with a golf cart outside the 4-year-old's home when the younger boy went inside and got a .22 caliber rifle. The boy then either pulled the trigger or discharged the gun by accident, striking his friend in the head.
The 4-year-old's mother called 911 and the older boy was rushed to Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune, New Jersey, where he remained in serious condition on Tuesday, Mastronardy said.