9 haredim indicted for rioting against IDF conscription

Nine ultra-Orthodox protesters were indicted on Sunday in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court for rioting last Tuesday in Beit Shemesh against joining the IDF and against police arresting haredi draft-refusers. Those arrested were accused of endangering the roadways and disturbing police from being able to carry-out their duties.
Among those indicted by the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office were activists who threw rocks at police, threw burning newspapers into public spaces, blocked intersections and physically fought with police to try to continue illegal protests even after the police had ordered them to disperse.
The indictments and riots came as part of an ongoing public debate, which periodically escalates into rioting and violence, over the still relatively low-participation of the haredi community in the IDF and national service and attempts by law enforcement to arrest some haredi draft-refusers.