Acre Court fines piggery NIS 900,000 for abuse, pollution

The Acre Magistrate’s Court has sentenced the Araf piggery to a fine of NIS 900,000, after determining that the farm’s approximately 4,000 pigs were living in abusive and polluting conditions, the Environmental Protection Ministry said on Wednesday.
During an interministerial raid in August, inspectors found that male pigs were stepping on each other due to lack of space while female pigs were held in such small cells that they were unable to move.
Meanwhile, pig carcasses were strewn everywhere and sludge and odors from swine manure were polluting the environment.
“I really hope that this fine and this severe punishment determined in the sentence will bring about a necessary deterrence and will make it clear to all those who continue to pollute and abuse animals for profit will not benefit at the end of the day,” said Environmental Protection Minister Amir Peretz.