Activists demand Makhoul be allowed to see attorney

An Israeli-Arab activist who has been detained for the last 11 days must be allowed to speak to an attorney, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel said Sunday.
The ACRI on Sunday sent a letter to Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein, demanding that he allow Amir Makhoul to speak to an attorney, something that he has reportedly been forbidden from doing for the last 11 days since he was arrested in a raid by Shin Bet agents on his family’s apartment in Haifa.
Makhoul and an additional activist Dr. Omar Saed, who was arrested in late April, are accused by Israeli authorities of carrying out espionage and having contact with an enemy agent from Hizbullah
The arrests of both Makhoul and Saed were kept under a strict gag order which was lifted on May 10.