Activists paint 'Kahane was right' graffiti in Jaffa, North

Far right activists spray painted the words "Kahane was right" in twenty locations across Jaffa and in four locations in the Amakim region of the North on Tuesday, police said. 
Investigations have been launched into the graffiti, which appears to mark the 20th year of the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahene in New York. Kahane was shot dead by an Egyptian-American terrorist in 1990. 
On Wednesday, ultra nationalists Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben-Gvir will commemorate the assassination by holding a demonstration in the Arab city of Um el-Fahm, where they will call for the banning of the Islamic Movement's Northern Branch.
Thousands of police officers will secure the demonstration, and locals have vowed to prevent the activists from entering the town. 
Earlier this week, Police launched an investigation into graffiti messages reading "Kahane was right" which were spray painted on a pool and college in Nazarath Illit, and on the walls of a shopping center in Migdal Haaemek.