ADL 'deeply disappointed' in Jerusalem US passport ruling

The Anti-Defamation League expressed "deep disappointment" on Tuesday over a US federal appeals court’s refusal to allow American citizens born in Jerusalem to list “Israel” as their place of birth on their US passport.
ADL National Director Abraham Foxman said that "the court failed to recognize the ministerial nature of this law and instead wrongly insisted that permitting this passport designation will somehow interfere with the president’s power to recognize a foreign sovereign."
Foxman added that "the court has effectively given a stamp of approval to the offensive State Department policy that singles out Israel for 'special' treatment.  All other American citizens born abroad may choose to list a city or area of birth instead of a country. Even Taiwan-born US citizens are permitted to identify Taiwan as their birthplace, despite protests by China, the recognized sovereign over that territory."
The ADL chief expressed hope that the ruling would be overturned by the US Supreme Court. 
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