ADL: Election results show rejection of extremes

The results of Israel's national election represent a "rejection of extremes," the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) national chair said on Wednesday.
Barry Curtiss-Lusher applauded the high turnout and "unexpected" results, commenting that in spite of an expected rightward shift, the electorate "rejected extremes: extremes in areas of religion, and extremes in domestic and foreign policy. Instead, a majority of Israelis showed their commitment to the political Center."
"There is clear support for [Prime Minister] Binyamin Netanyahu...the electorate is communicating to him that they want him to lead, but not with a coalition dominated by extremists," Curtiss-Lusher said in a statement.
The "Israeli democratic process remains robust and unpredictable," he added, congratulating the people of Israel for its successful elections.
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