African migrants stuck in limbo on Egypt-Israel border

IDF troops have been standing guard over a group of around 20 African migrants, including a pregnant woman for the past five days on the Egypt-Israel border.
The migrants are stuck in a sort of limbo, on the wrong side of the border fence, yet within the territory of the state of Israel, yet being kept from entering Israel proper by the soldiers. At the same time they are refusing to be sent back to Egypt.
The IDF Spokesperson’s office said Tuesday that “in the area in question the border has been completed recently in order to stop unapproved entry to Israel. On the Western side of the border, turning towards Egypt, is a group of foreigners whose entry to Israel is being prevented by the fence. Due to humanitarian concerns the IDF is giving them water."
In early August, it was reported that a group of African migrants became stuck in a culvert under the Egyptian-Israel border and were being guarded by IDF troops. The IDF Spokespersons Office said at the time that "in light of the foreigners' condition, humanitarian concerns, and the unique aspects of the situation, the decision was taken to make an exception and bring them onto the Israeli side of the fence."