Aide to PM: Netanyahu told German FM West Bank won't be 'Judenrein'

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu used the emotive term "Judenrein" earlier this week when telling German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier that it was illegitimate to demand that no Jews live in the West Bank. "Judea and Samaria cannot be Judenrein," Netanyahu told the visiting Steinmeier, using the term employed by Nazis to refer to areas that were "cleansed of Jews." Government officials are increasingly saying that the idea that all Jews will have to be expelled from a future Palestinian State is an illegitimate one, and that the degree to which the Palestinians will allow Jews to live among them - if those Jews so desire - is a good indication of the Palestinian willingness to live next to a Jewish state. In addition, this argument runs, if there is a significant Arab minority in Israel, there is no reason why there cannot be a Jewish minority in a future Palestinian state living in areas of great religious and historic significance to the Jewish people.