Al-Jazeera broadcast shows IDF soldiers in Syrian captivity

A broadcast aired Thursday by Al-Jazeera and picked up by both Channel 10 and Channel 2 showed file footage of IDF prisoners of war in Syrian captivity.
The footage, recorded in 1983, featured interviews conducted with the prisoners by their captors during IDF Operation Peace for Galilee. In the interviews, the prisoners – identified as Yossef Groff and Nissim Salem – were asked in Hebrew to state their opinions about the massacre at the Palestinian refugee camp in Sabra and Shatila, along with other regional matters.
“Whoever does such things to Hitler is a Nazi, Hitler. It doesn’t matter if he’s Jewish, he’s Hitler,” Salem said in the video. He also expressed opposition for Israeli settlement activity and the notion of a “greater Israel.”
On Thursday evening, Salem told Channel 2 that his statement had been coerced. “They put me in rooms with all kinds of films … I told them, it wasn’t us [who carried out the Sabra and Shatila massacre], IDF soldiers would never do such a thing, not my friends,” he said. “You couldn't tell them (the Syrians) the truth.”