Al-Qaida-linked leader: Shi'ites more dangerous than Jews, Christians

Al-Qaida-linked leader c

The leader of an al-Qaida-linked group for the Gulf states warned Sunnis that Shi'ites and Iran were more dangerous than Jews and Christians, Israel Radio reported Tuesday morning. Muhammed bin-Abdul Rahman al-Rashid called on the Sunni world to confront the threat of Iran and its Shi'ite followers. The report added that the recorded announcement was made public on an al-Qaida information Web site from the Arabian peninsula. Rashid warned primarily against the Abdul Malek al-Husi's Shi'ite rebels in Yemen. Rashid also blamed Shi'ites for their leniency with the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and warned that Shi'ites planned to rule over Muslim states and wipe out Sunnis.