Alleged Israeli agent appears before Polish court

BERLIN -  An Israeli citizen and alleged Mossad agent appeared at a Polish court that will decide whether to extradite him to Germany. A spokesman for the Federal German prosecutor in Karlsruhe told the Jerusalem Post on Monday that his office has not received  a “decision” from the Polish authorities that the suspected Israeli intelligence agent will be extradited to Germany.
The detained man, Uri Brodsky, entered Warsaw's district court Monday wearing a dark blue rain jacket with a hood pulled over his head. Escorted by anti-terror officers, Brodsky covered his face with his hands.
Court spokesman Wojciech Malek said it wasn't clear if the court would rule on his possible extradition Monday or at a later date.
According to the spokesman from the Federal German prosecutor, there is initially a 40 day deadline to issue a decision following the arrest. However,  the court could extend the deadline based on new evidence submissions.