Almagor to demand from PM to halt Schalit negotiations

Almagor to demand from P

Representatives of the Almagor organization, representing victims of terror attacks, which opposes any prisoner swap deal, were scheduled to meet Tuesday afternoon with Prime Minister Binyamin Netnayahu at his office in Jerusalem. The representatives were expected to ask the prime minister to stop the negotiations for captured IDF soldier Gilad Schalit's release, and to take alternative steps to secure his release. Alamagor's suggestions include pressuring Hamas via sanctions, cutting the supply of both oil and money to the Gaza Strip, and toughening conditions of Hamas prisoners currently being held in Israeli prisons. Almagor intends to ask for a public debate on the prisoner swap issue, as well as for the names of prisoners who would be released as part of any deal to be made public. The organization opposes the release of any prisoners who have committed murder.