Ambassadors, emissaries to be first to vote in election

Ambassadors and Jewish Agency emissaries in 96 locations will be able to vote beginning on Wednesday night, officially kicking off the election for the 19th Knesset.
The voting will start in at the Israeli embassy in Wellington, New Zealand at 11 p.m. Israeli time on Wednesday, and will end at the Israeli consulate in Los Angeles, US on Friday at 6 a.m. Israeli time. As such, the voting will last 31 hours.
The first votes to arrive in Israel are from Amman, Jordan, and are expected to be delivered on Friday.
About 4,000 people have the right to vote abroad. The largest polling station is the Israeli consulate in New York, where 600 people will be able to vote. The smallest polling station is for five voters.
In the 2009 election, 62.3 percent of eligible foreign voters went to the polls.