American civilian killed in Afghanistan

KABUL - A US Department of Defense civilian employee has been killed in Afghanistan in a rocket attack on the sprawling Bagram military base, a spokesman for the US military said on Wednesday.
The US air base, north of the capital, Kabul, is often targeted by insurgents firing rockets from outside its perimeter but casualties are rare.
The civilian, Krissie K. Davis, 54, from Alabama, was killed on Monday. "The injuries were sustained when a rocket hit her vehicle," the spokesman said.
Davis worked for the Defense Logistics Agency which provides supplies and services to the military. Another rocket struck the base in an attack early on Wednesday, the spokesman added.
Most US forces have withdrawn from Afghanistan and troop numbers have fallen from about 100,000 at their peak, to about 9,800 this year.
Most are involved in training Afghan troops, but a small force remains engaged in combat operations against the Taliban and other militants