Amir Ohana: If Netanyahu loses primaries, Likud will win less seats

Acting Justice Minister Amir Ohana has stated that if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were to lose Likud primaries against MK Gideon Sa’ar on Thursday, Likud would win 10 or 15 seats less in the upcoming election.
Speaking to the army radio, Ohana, a member of the Likud himself, harshly attacked Sa’ar.
“I call on all Likud members. The choice is between governing and anti-governing and about who will run the state, the courts or elected officials. Anyone who says that Netanyahu has indictments and therefore cannot form a government is on the side of those who want the courts to run the state,” he said.
Ohana added that it was important for Netanyahu to obtain a clear victory, otherwise voters in the general election might be less inclined to support the prime minister thinking that even the members of his own party didn’t fully back him.