Amos Oz calls for Barghouti's release in book dedication

Internationally famed Israeli author and Israel Prize laureate Amos Oz sent to Marwan Barghouti, former Tanzim (Fatah youth movement) leader, a copy of his book, A Tale of Love and Darkness, with a personal dedication calling for Barghouti’s release, Channel 2 reported Tuesday.
Barghouti is serving a life sentence for multiple counts of murder perpetrated in terror attacks carried out by Tanzim. Some lawmakers called in the past for his release, believing his popularity among Palestinians primed him to be the next leader of the Palestinian Authority.
Oz went further, sending the jailed terrorist an Arabic translation of his novel, with a dedication in Hebrew saying “This story is our story, I hope you read it and understand us as we understand you, hoping to see you outside and in peace, yours, Amos Oz.”