Arab League chief signals divisions on Syria crisis

CAIRO - The head of the Arab League voiced "worry" on Monday about almost three months of clashes in Syria but signaled division in the 22-member body over how to proceed.
"Though their views differ, Arab states are all worried, angry and actively monitoring the current crisis in Syria," Secretary-General Amr Moussa said in a statement.
"What we are hearing and monitoring, about many victims falling, indicates great tumult in Syria ... The situation in Syria should not be left in this state."
Syrian rights groups say 1,300 civilians and 300 soldiers and police have died in confrontations between President Bashar Assad's forces and protesters who rose up in March as citizen revolts coursed through the Arab world. Damascus, beset by mounting international censure and sanctions, says the protests are part of an armed revolt backed by foreign powers to sow sectarian strife.