Arab residents in Tel Aviv complain of police harassment in terrorist search

The intensive police search for Friday’s suspected shooter Nashat Milhem in Tel Aviv has led to friction with Arab residents.
Abed Abu Schade, a student living in Jaffa, told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday that as he entered his family’s apartment building on Sunday evening, 20 to 30 members of the security forces were raiding the building with guns drawn.
He said it seemed that the police were looking for something, but that they appeared not to understand that the entire building was occupied by the Schade family.
“The police then asked to enter my family’s apartment” and in the process entered a number of other apartments, he said.
“They knocked on doors with their guns drawn and with flashlights, scaring young children and the elderly,” he claimed, adding that “nobody showed any resistance and I fully cooperated.”
In one instance, he asserted, the police entered his uncle’s bathroom while his wife was getting dressed.
Schade said that he was roughed up and taken to the police station because he complained about the treatment during the raid. At one point, he asked the police why they were searching the building, and they responded that “you do not need to know.”
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