'Arik's Path': JNF-KKL to memorialize Sharon by naming Negev path after him

JNF-KKL announced Monday that it plans to commemorate former prime minister Ariel Sharon by naming a 60 kilometer nature path after him. The road crosses the Sycamore Negev ranch where Sharon and his wife lived and are now buried.
The path will be named "Arik's Path" to memorialize the former prime minister and military leader of the state of Israel. 
According to Eli Aflalo, JNF-KKL co-chairman and close friend of Ariel Sharon: "Arik had a powerful connection to the earth. I remember visiting him at his offices in Jerusalem, and he said to me:'If only I had a window and a view to some trees, I would really feel I have fresh air.'"
"The only place Arik had the wilderness he loved so deeply was on his Sycamore ranch" added Aflalo.