MK Amichai Chikli to be declared 'defector' by Yamina

MK Amichai Chikli is set to be declared a defector on Wednesday by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and the rest of the Yamina faction. The faction will make the declaration in the next meeting of the Knesset House Committee which is scheduled for April 25.

"Since the formation of the government, it has been headed by the Yamina faction, and even before it was formed, MK Chikli chose to divorce from the faction and act in complete opposition to its positions, with active and deliberate activity to thwart the faction, the coalition and the Israeli government," said the faction in an announcement. 

MKs declared as defectors are forbidden from joining any faction during the current Knesset term and cannot propose a no-confidence vote or make announcements regarding non-participation in debates or votes.

Defecting MKs additionally cannot run in the next Knesset elections with any list that is represented in the current Knesset and cannot serve as a minister or deputy minister in the current Knesset. If Chikli resigns from the current Knesset completely, these two sanctions will not apply.

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