Netanyahu: Knesset will hear all positions on Israeli judicial reform

The Knesset will hear all positions on the judicial reform plans, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed on Friday.

"Democracy is built on the balance between the three branches, and this balance exists in all democracies in the world," Netanyahu said, referring to the idea of checks and balances between the executive branch of the government, the legislative branch of the Knesset and the judicial branch of the courts.

"A large majority of the public agrees it is necessary to make changes in the legal system. We spoke about it before elections and we received a clear mandate to do so from the public," he continued. "These changes must be made responsibly and with discretion while also hearing all positions. And that is exactly what will happen in the Knesset."

Opposition Leader Yair Lapid tweeted Friday afternoon to the current prime minister, telling him that he "did not receive a mandate from the public to destroy democracy and the majority of the public in Israel, even Likud voters, are opposed to hasty and destructive reform based on the fact that you are too weak to deal with the extremists in your government."

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