Merav Michaeli submits bill prohibiting gov't vehicle use on Shabbat

Labor Party chairperson Merav Michaeli put forward a law on Thursday that prohibits members of Knesset from traveling in government-provided vehicles on Shabbat and holidays as long as there is no access to public transportation on those days. 

This proposal comes along with the vote of no confidence submitted by the Labor Party earlier this week, in which the party cited several events which took place at the Netanyahu home on Shabbat at the expense of government funds. this was the main supporting evidence for the claim that the government should be disbanded as its leader acts hypocritically. 

"Shabbat was and will remain the day of rest - this is an important Jewish and social value. But the question is whether Shabbat will symbolize the inequality between the citizens of Israel and be forced, or a Shabbat of rest of everyone. As long as Netanyahu and his business partners continue to apply different laws to themselves than they do the public, we will continue to fight them on every front in order to expose their hypocrisy and in order to give freedom of movement the 80% of the Israeli public which supports public transportation on Shabbat."

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