Lapid at judicial reform protest: 'They hear us and they're scared'

"I want to tell you what is happening right now in the Knesset, over the fence and the wall and the guards, beyond the police and the Knesset guard and soldiers and the limelight, I want you to know: They hear us," he said. "They hear our call. They hear the call of real strength. They hear our power and our commitment. They pretend they cannot hear us, and they pretend not to care, but they hear and they are scared.

"On the outside, they are laughing cynically and say it won't change anything, but on the inside, in the inner rooms, they are trembling. Just as rulers have always trembled when they discovered that they were faced with people who were not willing to give up. They hear us, and every day, they hear us more.

"They hear us, and suddenly, they discover that we are not willing to play the game the way they planned it. We are not here just to pay taxes and send our kids to the military. We will not shut ourselves at home while they try to turn the State of Israel into a dark dictatorship and silence us.

"They won't silence us. We will not stay quiet while they run over everything that is dear to us and everything that is holy to us. We don't work for them. We are partners with rights. We are not subjects, we are citizens. They pretend they'll be okay without us, but they know they won't.

"We are Jews, we are patriotic, we are also the people of Israel. If they continue this madness, they shouldn't talk about unity. There is no such thing as unity when only one side makes the rules.

"They hear us and understand that everything they thought about us was wrong. They convinced themselves that we are tired - we will never tire. They convinced themselves that we have no strength for the struggle - now they cannot believe their eyes.

"What they are hearing from here, from this place, is not the voice of despair but the voice of hope. What they hear is not hatred but the love of the nation. That is what scares them so much, that is what makes our voice so clear and strong.

"The struggle won't end today. It will be long. There will be highs and lows, but the day will come when every single man and woman who are here in the streets will tell their kids: 'The day the State of Israel needed me most, I was there. I lost battles but not the war. I was not silent, and they heard my voice.'

"We will fight in the streets, will fight in the building, we will fight until we win."

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